Martin F, NY

I wanted to thank you again. As you know, I had a chronic back and sacroiliac problem that made it almost impossible for me to drive to work. I had gone to a chiropractor that had given me some relief, but he provided no way to keep the problem from reoccurring. I then tried “conventional” physical therapy, which included massage, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and exercises and stretches.

Nothing came close to the results and total experience I had going to Scott at Wholistic Physical Therapy. I’m so grateful to have my health back again and feel younger than I have in decades. There’s less pain and more movement; I feel more energetic and more connected to my body health than I’ve ever been. I truly know what I need to do (self mfr wise) to maintain, and just have to stay disciplined to do it. I know what to eat and drink and how to manage my stress better with those breathing and guided meditation exercises and apps. This has been a GREAT experience and well worth the investment I paid out of pocket. I will be back if needs be. Thanks