Lisa B, Briarcliff NY

As a wife and mother of three, myofascial release therapy has redirected my life in so many wonderful and safe ways. Suffering from debilitating migraine headaches, impinged rotator cuff and scar tissue from two C sections I was feeling old sore and drained. Now, thanks to the WPT team and the improved nutrition, I have no pain, scars are healthier (and I know how to work on them), pelvic health is 100% again thank God, migraines gone! Yup gone! I don’t know if that was from cranial Myofascial Release or flooding my body with plants, probably a combination, but I’ll take it! My shoulders feel strong, capable (can even lift my kids without pain) and happy. I’ve taken up yoga and feel so much more positive about life. Better mental health means a lot to me.