Cherie Aimee New York, NY

After 13 years of struggling with debilitating, chronic pain and fatigue from my near-death experience, I discovered Wholistic Physical Therapy in New York—and my life forever changed for the better.

Scott van Niekerk, PT,  Owner & Director of the beautiful, whole body healing clinic located in Brewster, New York, introduced me to the power of innovative and groundbreaking functional medicine therapies to accelerate my physical recovery at the cellular level.

As a cancer survivor and heart transplant recipient with sensitive early childhood trauma and debilitating life-saving injuries from CPR and life-support, his skills, care and knowledge have been critical in my recovery.

When I arrived at the clinic, I suffered from extreme levels of chronic pain, adrenal fatigue, extensive surgical scar tissue, previous injuries and nervous system dysregulation from a chronic health crisis years prior.

Coupled with pandemic and life stress factors, I could barely breathe, let alone walk or get out of bed.

For the first time, in a very long time, Scott made me feel cared for, supported, heard and seen in my recovery efforts.

With his gentle and reassuring guidance and therapies, I was able to drastically reduce my chronic pain, eliminate adrenal fatigue and restore my body to optimal health.

More specifically, after working with Scott, I felt twenty years younger!

My breathing returned to full capacity, mental clarity returned, energy levels greatly improved, scar tissue from multiple surgeries no longer limited my range of motion, flexibility improved and my daily routine grew to include walking, biking and yoga.

I was even able to return to my love of hiking in nature and begin recording my near-death experience storytelling series on navigating major life transitions with grace.

What I love most about working with Scott is his focus, commitment, compassion, gentleness and knowledge in healing the root cause of dis-ease and pain in the body at the cellular and energetic levels. He keeps me active and participating in life without needing to rely on pain medicine.

Thank you Scott for introducing me to Myofascial Release, Functional Training, Whole Food Nutrition, VR meditation and Near-Infrared Light Therapy. And, for offering me the opportunity to attend weekly heart-opening yoga at your clinic. These therapies are truly a whole other level of innovative functional medicine and physical therapy.

I am forever grateful to you for empowering me to learn how to listen to my body and participate in my own wellness care, especially as we navigate these evolutionary times as a humanity.

I feel so blessed to know you and have you as my physical therapist.

You are, without a doubt, a master of your craft. I appreciate you for always going above and beyond for your patients. And, for aligning with your true life’s purpose here on earth.