I want to thank you for all the healing work you’ve done with me using Myofascial Release Therapy. I feel so grateful that I need to put in writing how much you have enriched my life in decreasing the often intolerable pain, fatigue, and weakness I have felt through several medical crisis, including the most recent diagnosis of lung cancer. My life has improved because of your knowledge, skill, and compassion. Despite my illnesses, you and myofascial release therapy, and more recently Juice Plus, have increased my physical and mental strength and decreased my pain and the often incapacitating side effects of the chemotherapy. I feel strong. I feel well. I walk, I use the stationary bike daily, I do yoga. When I first began the new chemotherapy, I was too shaky to drive to my weekly session. That was a mistake I won’t repeat. In the week I missed, I felt as if I was in a stupor. All I did was lie around, unable to sleep, unable to exercise, to read, to do anything, really. So, in the following two weeks I asked my husband to drive me. I felt immeasurably better. By the third week I felt vigorous enough to drive myself. My family and friends are amazed at my resilience. I give you a great deal of the credit.

Please be patient as I remind you of the many reasons I appreciate you and your use of mfr with me:

The pain I had in my right leg from the disk pressing on L3 disappeared after you worked on it. When I developed sciatica pain in my left leg, you worked successfully on that, too. I no longer have the pain, and when I think it’s beginning to threaten, I immediately do the myofascial release therapy exercises you taught me, and the pain recedes. I’ve learned from you that the fascia are the tough membranes that wrap, connect and support my muscles, and that I need to work on them at home, too. You’ve given me doable and useable exercises that really help me. When I developed nerve tingling in my hands, you unerringly found the problem to be in my cervical spine. Your therapy focused on that area and the tingling is gone, the pain almost gone, and what is left is completely localized. You continue to work on it and I am completely confident that this pain, too, will recede.

When I found out that I have lung cancer, I did in-depth research on the benefits of myofascial release therapy and Juice plus. One of the many sources I researched is the creditable and renowned MD Andersen, and the Mayo Clinic. I’m so happy and grateful you introduced me to both MFR and Juice Plus. One of the side effects of chemo had been fibromyalgia. The pain killer prescribed by my physician barely worked. MFR, however, helped immensely.

I’ve spoken about mfr and juice plus with all my doctors including the otolaryngist, personal physician, thoracic surgeon, neurologist, pulmonologist, and, of course, my oncologist. Some like it, some know nothing, so are tentative. I understand, but it’s working so well for me I wish everyone knew about it and could at least choose vs be kept in the dark. Some refer to mfr as alternative therapy, some as complementary therapy, some hear about it from me for the first time, but basically all support me in working with you since it’s helping so much. It’s the doctors, of course, who provide the prescriptions. Without exception they are impressed that I am not debilitated by the regularly scheduled chemotherapy infusions that I need.

I have written so much as I feel overwhelmingly thankful to you for adding so much to the quality of my life especially my self treatment and my juice Plus. Your incredible approach and mfr are the gifts that go on giving. Thank you.