Therapeutic Exercise

Key Benefits

  • Express movement
  • Release pain
  • Greater freedom
  • Increase strength
  • Improve flexibility

Home Exercise Program

Based upon the results of the physical therapy evaluation, appropriate and specific home exercises are prescribed and diagrams provided when applicable. This may involve stretches, strengthening and stability exercises. Education is also a vital component and may include issues such as posture, correction bio-mechanics and ergonomics. High tech educational teaching aids may be used, such as personalized video and digital photography. There are some samples of how we might teach some of the self treatment strategies for the patient to maximise gains on their own on our WholisticVideos

Self treatment using the foam: these pieces of equipment are one of the most effective (and sometimes painful) methods of self treatment available. Find where it hurts, and WAIT at that point until it releases or as long as you can tolerate. Do this every day and you will start to notice differences in less than 2 weeks.

Theracane: This item is equally effective to locate and release trigger points and myofascial release restrictions in hard to reach areas such as between the shoulder blades, following similar principles as for the foam roll.

Other tools used are the Nola Roller, a 4″ inflated ball, the Health-Body-Ball, Stretch-out-Strap, pelvic positioning wedges, sacral wedge, occipivot and others. These are all available to purchase from Amazon or at our office once the therapist has shown you how best YOU should use it. Remember these videos are only for demonstration purposes!

Myofascial Unwinding

When stretching, our bodies naturally desire to follow an elongating and uncoiling pattern. This is natural and is analogous to unwinding the strands of a ship’s rope. Hence, we refer to this as “Unwinding.” This inherent movement enables stretches to be taken to a deeper level, and enhances effectiveness dramatically. When observing the stretching movements of a happy baby or a waking cat, we see Unwinding at the most basic level. Myofascial Unwinding is the spontaneous movement of the body via the mind. With Unwinding, one can achieve tremendous fascial releases three-dimensionally.


For a mini 10 minute yoga routine that you can do each day, we made the below video for you. Follow along for a perfect way to get yourself moving in the morning!

Yoga is an ancient practice which originated in India, and is a classical Indian science dealing with the search for the soul. The word Yoga signifies both the way to discovery of the soul and union with it. Yoga is a philosophy, a science and an art. It is also a therapy. At the physical level, it gives relief from countless ailments. The practice of the postures (Asana) strengthens the body, improves flexibility and creates a feeling of well-being.

From the psychological viewpoint, Yoga sharpens the intellect and aids concentration. The practice of breathing techniques (Pranayama) steadies the emotions and calms the mind. Yoga brings awareness and stillness. Through meditation inner peace is experienced.

People of any age, health and religion can practice Yoga. In closely supervised weekly Therapeutic Yoga group classes, careful attention is paid to form and alignment to ensure safety at all times. But what do the experts say? Search the term “Yoga” on Medline.

Therapeutic Exercise