Jane B. Mount Kisco, NY

Whenever I have treatment I always feel like it’s helpful and healing, some sessions are even more so. Today was one of those.

Earlier this week, when I went out to my garden, I discovered a sparrow had gotten entangled in the net we put over the cherry tomatoes (to keep the birds from taking a bite out of every one). The poor bird was exhausted and terrified of me.

As I tried to help free it, it’s struggling just entangled it more.  Finally I was able to gently hold it, and work the mesh free. As I was working, the bird relaxed, I was able to get the net off, and then off it went. But first it had to “let go” of the struggle against the net.

Kind of like me today. I pictured that little brown bird struggling in my hand, and was able to “let go” of the struggle against the pain. I trusted you, to take the net off.  And I felt a huge release and opening. Freedom from pain. Thank you.