Having undergone a mastectomy, chemo and radiation in 2001, I was desperate to find something that would help not only my lymphedema, but the overall pain I was having under my arm where lymph nodes had been removed and scar tissue remained. Luckily, over three years after surgery, I was finally referred to Scott and Wholistic Physical Therapy!

I can’t praise Scott and his friendly courteous staff enough. Scott is so caring and gentle it’s hard to believe this stuff really works! My visits to Wholistic Physical Therapy have really lessened my pain by stretching the fascia around the areas of my mastectomy. In turn, it also helps with my lymph node drainage problem and gets things flowing again. Scott also addressed the back pain I was having from the tightness I’ve had in my chest since surgery. It feels great to know I don’t have to live with the daily pain and that I’m doing something about it!

I often tell Scott I can’t believe that myofascial therapy is not recommended more often to women after having breast surgery. Surely doctors know that the fascia having been cut and stretched can cause all kinds of pain in other places. It took me over three years to find out about it. I think it should be included in all the literature handed out to women who are going through the same situation. I did recently find a small mention of it in “Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book”, but I don’t believe doctors truly understand how fascia release therapy is helping so many patients regain the quality of life they once had.

Scott continues to help me with my tissue issues (as he calls them) and I can’t thank him enough. I have adopted the juice plus plant powders in capsules he recommended, as well as the plant based omega oil capsules, for years now. I sleep easier knowing that these are helping protect my DNA, and turn off the cancer switches which might cause future recurrence. I am not just a cancer survivor, but a cancer thriver! I continue to see him for MFR as often as necessary to help be the best I can be and keep the fascia nice and flexible, open with everything flowing, like I need it to be!!