Kathleen & Dennis S. Brewster NY

After shoulder surgery on a torn rotor cuff, I was told by my Doctor that Physical Therapy would be 80% of my healing and to take this very seriously.  With prescription in hand I went locally to AON Physical Therapy during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Staff was pleasant but the facility was like a gym, waiting area was always filled with patients and chairs were elbow to elbow. Your session was about 10 to 15 minutes with a Therapist, and then trainees would take over along with working the machines.  Not acceptable to me being in Coronavirus vulnerable age group. At age 67, I decided to discontinue therapy and rather risk a frozen shoulder than risk getting the virus. The good news came from a friend, who recommended Wholistic Physical Therapy in Brewster NY. My husband and I met with Director Scott van Niekerk, PT.

Scott spent the time to listen, and explain all that would unfold in the next several weeks.   We felt peaceful and excited with our decision and every time we went, the entire facility was perfectly disinfected and absolutely clean.  Finding a parking spot was no longer a problem and we had a private room with Scott; he was our PT at each session for over an hour. WPT is a very professional facility, from meditation music to enhanced healing, not loud rock to raise you anxiety.

Thank you Scott for pushing me to my limits, beyond what I thought was possible. Thank you for encouraging me to keep going even when it hurt, and thank you for complimenting my progress, it inspired me to work even harder. Thank you for treating me like a person, not a number, and for caring so deeply, even about my life outside of the surgery and injuries. My shoulder is moving amazingly, feels GREAT, I am reaching higher, feeling stronger and living proof of how good you are – you gave me my life back! On behalf of my husband and me, we appreciate all you have done thank you so much for giving my life back.